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Preface - Sinduri

Sinduri, the last child of the Kulkarni's began her journey into the world on the stage. Her mother Savithri, went into labor while watching a play. The lady gave birth in the green room before medical help arrived. It is ironic that even today Sinduri's best moments are on stage - dancing, choreographing, and directing.

As a young girl, Sinduri began dance lessons in Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi, the two mainstream classical dance forms that have their origins in the Southern India. Her love for dance and her talent were nurtured by her family and she made her debut, called "Arangetram" at the tender age of seven which was presided by the film superstar "Nadigar Thilagam" Mr. Sivaji Ganeshan. The Arangetram is the most crucial performance of a dancer, it is a special offering by the debutante to her teacher, family, friends and critics. This performance has great impact on the dancer's career, as the judgment of the critics is crucial. The response to Sinduri was extremely complimentary and even raved about by the critics and media alike.

Since then Sinduri has the unique distinction of having over 2000 live performance to her credit, besides being one of the youngest dancers invited to dance at the prestigious residence of the President (Rashrapathi Bhavan) of India. On September 1st 2007, Dr Sinduri was given the prestigious "Kalaimamani" award the highest honor bestowed by the government of Tamil Nadu by Chief Minister Dr. K. Karunanidhi in Chennai, India


Academic Credentials

Sinduri is a Natya Visharada graduate from Madras Music Collage and was selected best dancer of Tamil Nadu state in 1984. She is adorned with titles such as "Natya Kalaiazhagi", "Nal Natya Tharangani", "Natya Mani" and "Natya Chudar" to mention a few. In 1996 she received her Doctorate for philosophy in Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi from the International University in California, USA.

Sinduri has had intensive training in Bharata Natyam since the age of three under the tutelage of Kalaimani Pakkirasamy Pillai. Mr. Pillai is one of the leading dance gurus of India. His style of teaching includes history, theory, dance music, development and dance technique.

Sinduri also trained in yet another classical dance form known as Kuchipudi under the guidance of two maestros: Mr. M.S. Saiva and Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. This training was a comprehensive one that included both the practical and theoretical aspect of the dance.


Other credentials

Choreography - Sinduri choreographs all her own productions and is also experienced in choreographing dance programs for other artist in different dance forms such as Indian folk dances like Laavani, Punjab Bhangada, Andhra folk dance and many other traditional folk dances of India and Sri Lanka.

Teaching - Sinduri loves to teach dance to all those interested irrespective of their age and ability. She enjoys teaching children and needy. Sinduri has been teaching poor girls from impoverished homes free of cost as her contribution to society.

Direction - Sinduri has experience in directing dance dramas, television productions and local dance performances. She used dance as an expression to mirror social problems faced in India such as racial tension between sects, female infanticide and the discrimination of the poor and helpless.



She is an ĎA' grade artist for over 10 years in Indian television. Her performances has been televised number of times in "National Program of Music & Dance", regional program of "Nadana Rangam" of Tamil Nadu and Satellite Channel 8 of Andra Pradesh. As a young dancer, Sinduri has proven that she is capable of dancing solo for three hours at a stretch to an audience of dance connoisseurs. She is a performing artist of Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi and the lead dancer of her own troupe of 60 performers. She has toured United Kingdom, France, Germany, USSR, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and USA since 1986. Sinduri is an empanelled artiste of the "Indian Council for Cultural Relations" (ICCR) of the Indian government. ICCR members are sent though-out the world by the government of India as goodwill ambassadors to promote Indian culture.





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