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Dr Sinduri receiving the prestigious "Kalaimamani" award by Dr. Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on September 1, 2007 in Chennai



Dr. Sinduri been honored by the first lady of India Mrs. R. Venkatraman after a performance at the "Rashrapathi Bhavan" (the Presidential Palace) in New Delhi on 6th October 1991. [Photo left-right: Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma (Vice President), President R. Venkatraman]

A synopsis on her background and achievements as highlighted in the media

Herewith provided are some of the news media appreciation and analysis of Sinduri's dance performance and her directorial talents in several different Indian languages (transcribed into English here) as well as in English.


Citi Express (Chennai) September 3, 2007



NRI World 22nd December 2001



India Post June 1998




Daily Thanthi (Daily News Wire)

Sinduri created, performed and choreographed," Turukural Navarasa Natyam" which means, "Bits of Wisdom". This work is based on "Kuralovium", a collection of short stories, written by State Chief Minister-turned poet, Dr. Karunanidhi and has gained popularity as a work of contemporary literature. The Kuralovium is based on "Thirukural", the epic literature of Tamil language.

Dancer Sinduri was honored with a silk shawl for her exemplary creation and presentation of this work of writing. Her ability to simplify the intricate, beautify the plain, glorify the mundane is noteworthy. The conversion of a complicated piece of literature into a dance drama reflects on her capacity to use the medium of dance as a means of expression.


Dina Boomi, (Our Land) March 13, 1997

Sinduri produced, directed and performed the dance drama, "Thirukural Navarasa Natyam" which is a take off from the 300 hundred short stories written by State Chief Minister turned poet Dr.Karunanidhi, titled Kurulovium." She selected nine of these stories as the theme for her production. Sinduri showcased these stories to the audience of dignitaries and dance lovers. Seated in the audience were the Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu, and famous film music director, M.S Vishwanathan. The Chief Minister commented,- " I am really amazed and delighted to see Sinduri's wonderful performance. Mere words cannot express the deep honor I feel to be able to enjoy such an enjoyable evening. Sinduri and her dedicated crew have proved their dedication to the classical form of Indian dance and have executed a difficult piece of writing with grace and dignity."


Dina Mani (Daily Jewel) March 13, 1997

Sinduri has taken upon herself the challenge of performing this wonderful dance drama. She has accomplished her goal by storming on the stage with her exemplary dancing talent. Dr. Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of the State has, in appreciation of her contribution to the world of literature and art gave an award to this young artist and made arrangements for her to perform in every city and village of the state.




Express Week December 07, 1996

It was a unique fusion, the likes of which have never been seen before. Sinduri, the founder of Sri Sakti Sarada Kalaniketan a dance school based in Tamil Nadu, India revived the art of using puppets as characters instead of live dancers to present "Molla Ramayan" the version of the great Hindu epic written by Athu Kuri Molla. The use of leather puppets, being manipulated behind a white screen, was a rare form of dance technique in the fertile rice-growing region of Andhra Pradesh. However, over the years this ancient art from was close to extinction. Sinduri's brilliant use of this art form has regenerated the dying puppets and they jumped, spun, and gyrated to the rhythm of the music and to the mastery of Sinduri's craft-making. Although the two dance forms Sinduri performs - the Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi are both reflective of ancient themes. Sinduri attempts at innovation by using the past to depict the present and to set the trend in dancing for the fixture.

To dance the classical form of Bharatha Natyam is common to lovers of dance, but to revive an ancient art form and use it as a new innovation is truly unique. Sinduri's mastery and initiative at such an young age goes to prove that age is not the best yardstick to measure talent and brilliance.


The Hindu, October 11, 1996

Departure From The Usual

Sinduri, recently presented "Molla Ramayanarnu" a unique dance show. Molla was a great Telugu poetess belonging to the l6~ century. She was a child widow blessed by Lord Shiva to become a great poetess. She wrote Ramayanam which became famous as " Molla Ramayanamu." With the help of author Dr. J. Bappu Reddy, Sinduri chose selected poems and added some songs written by Dr. J Bappu Reddy for the show.

Sinduri's presentation was different in that she incorporated" Tholu Bommalatam" or shadow puppets in her recital. Sinduri, who has choreographed the show, displayed her nimble footwork. Her lively movement and excellent expression were a treat for the audience.



The President and the First Lady of India, invited Sinduri to give a dance performance for their esteemed guests in their Presidential Residence. Dignitaries such as ministers, senators and congressmen witnessed this prestigious performance. Among the guests were the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and his wife Sonia Gandhi.


The Prithvi Theaters Bombay India. January 21 1991 - The Prithvi Theaters, the leader in presenting classic dance and music artists, presented a mesmerizing evening of Bharatha Natyam. The young artist, Sinduri made her debut in Bombay with a splash. The audience that evening consisted of dance critics and movie stalwarts like the Kapoors.


  Kungumam (Indian Decoration) Issue No.78

Sinduri, is an accomplished dancer both in the Bharatha Natyam and the Kuchipudi schools of dance. Trained for several years under the tutelage of great dance maestros, Sinduri was honored as the "Best Dancer" in the State of Tamil Nadu in India. Her popular dance-drama "Satyavan & Savithri" is now being made into a movie. Sinduri is a rising star.


Kungumam Issue no.79

Sinduri performed an hour-long dance telecast on national television on the Public Broadcasting Channel. She is a natural; Dance comes to her as naturally as does walking to others.


  The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a respected educational center located all over the world specializes in presenting quality art and cultural events from India. The London branch of this prestigious institution invited Sinduri to perform.

In Singapore, Sinduri gave a dance performance for the benefit of poor children. All the proceeds from her show went towards this charitable cause.


The Westminster Auditorium in England was also a setting for Sinduri to perform to a sold out audience.


Marudani (Henna) UK, October 24, 1986

Sinduri thrilled the British audience with her beckoning eyes and graceful limbs. This young dancing sensation is a delight to witness.




Sinduri makes her dancing debut; young Sinduri, with twinkle toes displayed a maturity beyond her years as a dancer excelling in the classical dance form of Bharatha Natyam. Her Arangetram (first solo dance debut) which is an offering to friends, family and critics was a brilliant success and the state of Tamil Nadu, India has yet another shining star on its horizon.





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